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Now it's even easier to use online giving, and it's more secure.  

1. Click the ONLINE GIVING button to the right.   

2.  Indicate the amount of your donation, then select what it is for from the drop down menu. You can add a memo if you like.  You can add more items to give to by selecting the "+" and repeat the above steps in #2.

3. Enter your email and sign in.  If your email is not on file with us, you may create an account or you can proceed as a guest.  

4. Choose your method of payment and follow the prompts.  

Then review and process your donation. 

You will be sent an email receipt for your donation.  

Thank you for using Access South Texas online giving. 


If you have trouble using 


Click Here to contact us for help.



Article IX. Finances: Section 2,
District Office Support: Paragraphs (b):

It is recommended that the District Office shall be supported by one percent (1%) of the monthly general fund income of each of the churches of the South Texas District Council.

All transacations are completely secure and encrypted. Our website merchant will securely manage your donation from your checking/savings or credit/debit card to to the finds you choose. Credit cards numbers are not stored locally by South Texas District.

All information will be kept confidential between you and the South Texas District. Credit Card numbers will not be stored, unless you decide to use the "reoccurring billing" option. The South Texas District will not store you credit card locally. Also, South Texas will not give out your information or sell it to third parties, for spamming purposes or mailing advertisements.

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