To facilitate the health, growth and development of our ministers and ministries in South Texas.



MISSION:We exist to further the kingdom of God through the churches in our great district.


  • To Serve our Fellow Ministers
  • To Equip Pastors
  • To Grow Churches
  • To Plant New Churches



Message from Superintendent: Rev. Tim Barker

Our South Texas District is experiencing a genuine revival with souls added to the kingdom and lives changed by the miraculous power of God.  Jesus promised that we'd see this kind of spirit led move in the last days.  We are partnering together as co-laborers in South Texas to get the message out, utilizing our uniquenesses, talents and giftings.  Our district reaches from the Kerrville in the Hill Country to Rio Grande Valley, down south, to the Neches Valley of east Texas, with unique diversity, yet committed to a common goal of revival.  You are welcome in any of our almost 300 churches and I'm confident that you will find a loving family of believers.


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